Europe for Citizens Programme

Europe for Citizens Programme

The aim of this programme is to bring Europe closer to its citizens and to enable them to participate fully in the European construction. Through this programme, citizens have the opportunity to be involved in transnational exchanges and cooperation activities, contributing to developing a sense of belonging to common European ideals and encouraging the process of European integration.

Citizenship Programme 2007 – 2013

This programme supports a wide range of activities and organizations promoting “active Euorpean citizenship”, especially the involvement of citizens and civil society organizations in the process of European Integration.

The program “Europe for citizens” with a total budget of EUR 215 millions starts on 1st January 2007 and ends on 31st December 2013. (More information about this programme can be obtained by clicking on the below links)

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) is responsible for the management of certain parts of the EU’s Culture programmes under supervision from its parent Directorate-General for Communication (DG COMM of the European Commission). Europe for Citizens Points (ECPs) have been set up to facilitate participation in the Europe for Citizens Programme. ECPs give advice and guidance on all aspects of this programme, including how to develop a project, prepare funding applications and build international partnerships.

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