Feast in Older Times

Long ago every quarter of the village used to light a bonfire on certain feast days. At the quarter known as ‘Tal-Fgura’ the feast of St Joseph (19th March) was celebrated, ‘Ta’ Trux’ had San Dimitri (2nd Sunday of October) and ‘Ta’ Għammar’ St Publius (2nd Sunday of September).

During the titular procession of the village of Għarb the dawn and the fife were used instead of an orchestra during Vespers and Benediction. In 1834, musicians were brought over from Malta until Gozitans were trained and started taking part in village feasts. Spiritual exercises were held before feasts. Can Prep, Nikol Axiak left a legacy to pay for these services. The best preachers were chosen. As we have seen up to now our village is one of the oldest in the island.