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Twinning with Gerano
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Gerano is a small village situated on the Tiburtini Mountains, with a distance of approximately 30 minutes drive from Rome, Italy's capital city. Gerano is surrounded by chestnut tree woods. The population of this village is of 1220 and the area is of 10km2, both being very similar to those of Gharb. The feast of Gerano which is celebrated during the month of April, is dedicated to the "Madonna del Cuore", to which the people of Gerano are very devoted. Gerano is renowned for the 'Infiorata' a marvellous carpet made of fresh flower petals which is prepared once yearly during the eve of the feast day, in honour of the "Madonna del Cuore". Although Gerano, like Gharb is a small community, the social aspect is quite high in the village, in fact there are a number of local groups and organisations and amongst others, a musical band "Amici della Musica", the "Gruppo Infioratori" who take care of the preparation of the Infiorata, a choir "Schola Cantorum S. Maria", a group to promote culture "Trellanum" and the "Pro-Loco" group who organise both religious and traditional feasts in the locality. Gerano has also its local football team.
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