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Twinning with Gerano
On the 24th April 2002 a group of 59 persons from Gharb went to Gerano, Italy where the official signing of the twinning agreement was held. The group leaded by the Mayor Mr David Apap spent a 6 day stay in this village, to integrate with the residents, share their lifestyle and experience their cultures. The group was given a hearty warm welcome by all Gerano residents which lasted throughout the whole stay. During the stay, the group participated in the village feast and assisted in the preparation of the Infiorata. Various official ceremonies were held other than that of the signing of the twinning agreement which took place on the 25th of April. Amongst others, there was the inauguration of a Social Centre which was named "Centro Sociale alla citta di Gharb" which centre was inaugurated by Gharb Mayor Mr David Apap. The Mayor of Gharb, inaugurated also a photographic exhibition with the theme "L'Infiorata piu' antica d'Italia" and two folklor museums. During these ceremonies the Mayor Mr David Apap met various distinct personalities coming from the Italian Government amongst others the Honorable Francesco Storace, President of the Lazio Region, the Honorable Tommaso Luzzi, Vice-President - Consiglio Regionale Lazio and Senator Honorable Paolo Barelli. During the stay, the group visited also Rome, Subiaco and Tivoli.
After the Signing of the Twinning Agreement, the Mayor of Gerano Mr Giorgio Fubelli donated to the Mayor of Gharb the Key of Gerano, symbolizing that the people of Gharb will always be welcome in Gerano.
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