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Services Offered by the Local Council
The Gharb Local Council is opened for the public as follows:- 16th June to 30th September - Monday to Friday : 8.00am - 12.30pm Saturday : 8.00am - 11.00am 1st October to 15th June - Monday to Friday : 8.00am - 3.00pm Saturday : 8.00am - 11.00am
The General Public may forward complaints/suggestions directly at the Local Council Office. Otherwise one can also make use of the telephone line 21560556, fax 21562727 or email which is [email protected] For appointments with the Mayor kindly phone the Local Council during office hours.
Internet Service:
Internet Service is offered to all residents free of charge at the Council. This service has been introduced to help all those who need the internet for educational and information research and dont have this service at home. Since that this service is offered through cable wireless internet, one can connect by using his personal laptop. Opening hours are during office hours.
Library Service:
The Locality's library is administered by the Local Council. The opening hours of the library are Tuesday from 8.30am till 12.30pm and Saturday's from 8.30pm to 11.000m. The library is furnished regularly with new books and one can find books suitable both for adults and children both in Maltese and English. The Council receives regularly donations of books from the residents and appeals for the generosity of residents in this regard.
Bulky Refuse Service:
The Bulky Refuse service is available by phoning the Gharb Local Council on appointment. The service is free of charge.
Open Skip Service:
Open Skip service is offered to the public on Saturday between 9.00am and 10.30am at Tumas Cassar Street between 9am – 10.30am. All residents who have any kind of bulky refuse can make use of this service. The service through the year 2017 will be provided every fortnight on the following dates: 7th, 21st January, 11th, 25th February, 11th, 25th March, 8th, 22nd April, 6th, 20th May, 3rd, 17th June, 8th, 29th July, 12th, 26th August, 9th, 30th September, 14th, 28th October, 11th, 25th November, 9th, 23rd, December.
Refuse Collection Service:
Important: Refuse must not be taken out more than one hour before collection time.
Bring-In-Sites Service:
One can deposit separated material:- plastic, glass, paper and metal at the bring-in-site found at Visitation Street next to the School gate. Apart from this in the Councils office one can find a bin for used batteries. The Council is satisfied with the number of residents who are using this service and encourages others to start making use of this service as well.
Other services offerred by the Council:
  • Permits for deposit of building material or other material
  • Permits for placement of kiddie Ride machines or automatic vending machines
  • Permits for the temporary placement of tables and chairs
  • Permits for public entertainment or similar activity in an open-air market
  • Application for the putting up of any stall or kiosk.
  • At the local Council one can also obtain information on Evening Courses offered by the Department of Education and other types of courses which the Council notices the residents about from time to time. The Council also organises courses for the residents such as Computer Courses, First- Aid and Ganutell depending also on the requests made by the residents. At present information on courses obtainable from the Council is as follows :-
  • Evening Courses
  • MCAST Courses
  • One can also obtain certain forms from the Council and at present forms which can be obtained are the following:-
    Applications for eldery: • Application for Meals on Wheels
      • Application for University
      • Application for service of Home Helper
      • Inkontinenza
      • Application for service of a handyman
      • Application for telecare services
      • Application for help of social services.
    Other forms: • ETC Courses
    • Start / Termination of Employment - ETC form
    • VAT refunds forms on marriages and funerals
    • Application for a New Licence to operate a Public Service Garage
    • Application for Licence to operate a Subsidiary Public Service Garage
    • Licence to operate Public Service Garage - Applicaton for transefer - Inheritance
    • Licence to operate Public Service Garage - Application for cancellation of Licence.
    • Application for a new licence to exercise a commerical activity under the trading licence act (Cap 441)
    • Application for a new licence to exercise a commerical activity under the trading licences act (Cap 441) when a building permit has already been obtained
    • Application for change of category or addition of further activities in case a permit from the Planning Authority is required
    • Application for a transfer of a licence onto an other person
    • Application for transfer - inheritance
    • Notification for cancellation of licence
    • Application for a licence to act as a street hawker
    • Application for a licence to act as a market hawker
    • Notification of late night shopping
    • Application for selling grocery items on a Sunday or Public Holiday
    For appointments with the Mayor kindly phone the Local Council on telephone number 21560556 during office hours.
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