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Notification about refuse collection on Saint Mary's Feast
L-Għarb Local Council would like to notify that on the 15th August 2012, Feast of Saint Mary the refuse collection service is going to be given as usual.
Enemalta Scheduled Downtime Updates
Start Data/Time :
02/08/2012 at 14:00
End Date/Time :
02/08/2012 at 16:30
Streets Effected
San Katald Street
Gerano Square
Frenc ta' l-Gharb Street
Id- Disgha u ghoxrin t'Awwissu, 1679 Street
Sqaq Papa Klement XIV Street
Il-Blata Street
L-Isqof Mikiel Molina Street
Ta' Sdieri Street
Start Date/Time
02/08/2012 at 08:50
End Date/Time
02/08/2012 at 11:30
Streets Effected
San Pietru Street
Birbuba Street
Il-Madonna tal-Virtut Street
Il-Madonna tal-Virtut, Alley no. 1
Mongur Street
San Dimitri Street
Patri Albert Caruana Street
Start Date/Time :
07/08/2012 at 13:50
End Date/Time
07/08/2012 at 16:30
Streets effected
Sqaq il-Fgura
L-Gharb Street
Albert W. Ketelby Street
Frangisk Portelli Street
Frangisk Portelli Street, Alley 1
Ir-Rokon Street
San Lawrenz Street
Tumas Cassar Street
Karmni Grima Street
L-Arcipriet Gamri Camilleri Street
Ta' Dbiegi Crafts Village
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