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Gharb Parish Centre
The Gharb Parish Centre has been established since the year 1939. The idea that Gharb had to have a Parish Centre came from the late Fr Bernard Portelli when he expressed his wish that the locality should have a Parish Centre where youths could gather up for prayer meetings and other related matters.
Among others the Gharb Parish Centre is well known for the small plays it presented. This cultural part started about 60 years ago. The first people involved in the production of these plays were Fr Joseph Portelli, who was also rector of Ta' Pinu Sanctuary, Fr Alwig Mizzi who later joined the Salesians, Frenc Mercieca who is well known by everyone as Frenc ta' l-Gharb and Fr N Cauchi today Bishop of Gozo.
Fr Bernard Portelli helped to give out the best in these plays. One can mention some of the plays that were presented such as 'Is-Sigriet tal-Qrar', 'Genoveffa', 'Iz-Zewg Surgenti', 'l-Iben il-Hali' and others. But the play which is still known for its success was 'Il-Passjoni ta' SGK' which was written by Fr Alwig Mizzi. Between the years 1944 and 1948 this play was presented not less than 46 times.
Years later Fr Joseph Tabone gathered a drama group under the name 'Gharb Stage Christophers'. This group started with a total of 60 members. This group produced a lot of stage activities and helped also in the extension of the hall and new stage of the Parish Centre. Some of the productions presented by the Gharb Stage Christophers are the following; 'Wara l-Purtiera tal-Hadid', 'It- tigra ta' S. Germana', 'Ragg dawl minn Fatima', 'Il-Martri ta' Cesarea', 'Oliver Cronwell', 'Is-Sejha ta' Pinu', 'Laura', 'Ix-xabla tal-fidda', 'Ic- Centurjun', 'L-Ghanja tar-Rebbiegha', Il-Vizzju tal-Vjaggi', 'Min hu l-Hati?', 'Dik is-Sahta' ta' Kunjata', and recently 'Ben Jehuza' and 'Sally'. The name of the Gharb Stage Christophers still exists but today the group does not organise any activities. Hopefully in the near future this group can take life again.
When the Diocese of Gozo became more confident with the Parish Centres the direction of the Parish Centre passed from the drama group to a committee who was formed to give a service to other groups in the locality within the Gharb Parish Centre. Today the group is formed by the following members:
Director Arcipriest Mons K Gauci
Ass Director Can Fr Joseph Tabone
Secretary Carmen Vella
Can Fr Michael Galea
Edward-J Depasquale
Ignatius Farrugia
Michael Bajada
Lewis Micallef
A youth committee was also formed within the Gharb Parish Centre to hold activities etc., for the locality youths. The members of this group are:-
Director Fr Michael Galea
President Ms Marlene Cauchi
Members Mr Mark Apap
Ms Maureen Attard
Ms Nancy Camenzuli
Mr Chistopher Cauchi
Ms Josephine Cauchi
Ms Stephanie Coppini
Ms Denise Farrugia
Mr David Micallef
Ms M'Anne Piscopo
The Gharb Parish Centre today has a hall and stage for the stage activities, a prayer room, a conference hall which was inaugurated on the 1st January 2000 and also a Games Room and Bar which are opened daily.
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