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Local Clubs
Gharb Rangers F.C.
The Gharb Rangers Football Club was founded in the year 1968. In this year a group of youths from the locality expressed their wish to start playing football. There was no football ground in the village so these willing youths found two pieces of land that were good for playing their games. One of these places was the square behind the church and the other one was at St Peter's Square. On Sunday morning they used to go to an area known as 'Ta' Merzbiet' where there was a piece of land which they found appropriate for playing football. Every now and then they used to play friendly games against another group of youths who also used to play in this particular place. The other group of youths were not from Gharb but from the nearby village of St Lawrence.
Time passed and these youths no longer enjoyed themselves playing games only with another team from the nearby village, and so they decided to put their application to compete in the second division organised by the Gozo Football Association. Unfortunately the application reached the organisation late and therefore it could not be accepted, but the Gozo Football Association gave permission to the team to compete in the 'reserves' team with an agreement that in the following season they would be able to compete in the second division. As a 'club' for its committee meetings the Gharb Rangers used to meet at No. 8, Frenc ta' l-Gharb Street. In their first season (1968/69) the Gharb Rangers team was all formed by players from the locality but after that season a lot of these players emigrated to Australia and therefore for the season 1969/70 the team had to ask for players who were not from the locality. Infact only three remaining players were from Gharb. The results were not good and as the players from Gharb were very much limited the committee decided to stop everything.
Infact for the season 1970/71 the team did not take part. The adventure only lasted two seasons 1968/69, 1970/71. This was the first part of the story of Gharb Rangers. After this another 15 years had to pass before the club started another team once again.
In the year 1985, an agreement between the villages of Gharb and St Lawrence was reached so that together they would make up one team with the name 'Gharb St Lawrence Rangers'. This agreement was something extraordinary since it was something impossible that a similar agreement could take place. The fact that now there was the ground 'Perit Wigi Portelli' in the area known as 'Wied il- Knisja' was a good factor since it was an area that was easily reached by both villages. The committee was made up from members of both villages and the meetings were held once at the Gharb Parish Centre and once at St Lawrence Parish Centre. In this season (1985/8) Gharb St Lawrence Rangers was composed of players from both Gharb and St Lawrence. The team had to play against the best teams of Gozo since that in that particular season the Gozo Football Association had organised only one division including all the teams. The team obtained good results and also succeeded in obtaining a draw with Sannat Lions which team was one of the best teams in that season. Unfortunately Gharb St Lawrence lasted only one year because disagreements regarding the teams name occurred and therefore the team had to be dissolved.
As time passed young youths from the village did not loose their will to play football, so a team with the name Gharb Rangers FC was joined. Today the Gharb Rangers have got their own premises at Church Street. The Gharb Rangers football club is not only a place where football committee meetings are held but there is also a games area and a snack bar which is open daily to the general public.
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