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Annual Activities
A carnival soirée is organised during this time of the year. It includes various activities such as:
The Cockaigne
The Cockaigne is one of the Maltese Carnival’s most popular attractions. This competition requires people to try to climb up a greasy pole. Afterwards the competitors must attempt to snatch as much prices as possible. These Prices are usually fixed at the very top of the pole.
Mysterious Masquerade
This is a competition in which the participants must try to guess the real identity of the person wearing the carnival costume
Children’s Costume Competition
The children’s costume competition is an activity where children are invited to wear a costume. A group of judges will then decide who has the most interesting and beautiful costume who will then be declared the winner of the competition.
Dance Groups/Dance Competition
Dance Groups and/or Organisations are welcome to enter this dancing spectacle.
‘Seher il-Punent
Seher il-Punent is a festival which is held in Gharb every year since 2007. Some of this festival’s most famous activities are:
Traditional Dinner.
A luncheon, consisting of various well-known traditional dishes in the Maltese cuisine, is organized in Gharb’s main square. This event opens the ‘Seher il-Punent Festival’.
The Largest Gbejna
Every year, during the ‘Seher il-Punent’ festival, the participants of the largest Gbjena event try to create a bigger gbejna than the one done beforehand in the previous festival. The production of the gbejna can be followed by everyone attending the festival. Besides of the production of the new gbejna there are free tastings of the gbejna created the year before.
Tug of War
This is a game that puts the two teams directly in a test of strength. The rope is marked with a centre line. Whoever manages to get the rope marker to surpass the centre line in their direction will win the game. Various groups from all over Gozo participate in this game. Over the years the game has also hosted Maltese and foreign participants
Easter is a very anticipated holiday and this is why we also organise events to celebrate it together with our locality. Some of these activities include:1998 - Mr Emanuel Galea
Children’s social Activity
This is a social gathering where all the children are invited to take part. Activities include an Easter egg giveaway.
Easter Concert
Around easter time the l-Gharb Local Council hosts an easter concert at the l-Gharb Basilica. This is a free cultural event open to everyone. This concert usually forms part of the Gaulitana festival of music which is organized on a yearly basis by the Gaulitanus Choir.
The 'Infiorata' consists of a carpet made of fresh flowers petals and leaves cut in small pieces arranged together to form various thematic designs. The 'Infiorata' is an old Italian tradition, the oldest one originating in 'Gerano' the twinned village of Gharb which is found in the outskirts of Rome Italy. This tradition in Gerano dates back to around the 17th Century. The most particular aspect of the 'Infiorata' held in Gerano is that the period in which it takes place, which is April, lacks from a variety of flowers. The 'Infiorata' in Gerano being the oldest one is recorded with many photos which can be found in the archives where one can find pictures dating back to the war period. Another particularity of this infiorata is that it takes place in the village feast dedicated to the 'Madonna del Cuore' and not like other localities, which takes place in the feast of the Corpus Domini. In 2002, the Gharb Local Council signed a twinning agreement with the Gerano Local Council. Upon signing the agreement cultural and educational exchanges amongst other were held between both villages. In 2003 on an initiative of Mayor Mr. David Apap and with the financial help of the Malta Tourism Authority the Gharb Local Council decided to add the 'Infiorata' as part of the village feast activities. This was held on the church parvis and the design was created by local artists Mr Mario Camilleri Cauchi and his son Ruben Camilleri Cauchi. The preparation was done by local children and youths. This proved to be a success and attracted both locals and tourists. This was also the fist time that such an event was held in our islands. After the success of the first 'Infiorata' in 2003, the Council decided to add this event to its annual cultural calendar and hold it again yearly on the occasion of the village feast.
Gharb Day
Since 1994, the Gharb Local Council has been organising Gharb Day, annually on the 29th August. This day has been chosen by the Council since on 29th August, 1679 Gharb was declared as a parish by Bishop Molina. In this particular day the Council prepares a soiree of culture and entertainment for the residents. One of the activities which has been going on yearly since 1996 is the "Premju Gharb" Award. Each year the Council selects a person who has contributed or made honour to the locality and presents this person with the Premju Gharb Shield on Gharb Day. During the years Premju Gharb has been awarded to the following persons:
1996 - Fr Saviour Camilleri
1997 - Ex Gharb Archpriest Emiritus A. Borg
1998 - Mr Emanuel Galea
1999 - Mr Emanuel Cauchi
2000 - Bishop Mons N J Cauchi
2001 - Mr Francis Cauchi
2002 - Dun Beneditt Camilleri
2003 - Dun Guzepp Tabone
2004 - Dr. Joseph Galea
2005 - Mr. Joseph Portelli
2006 - Ms. Theresa Cauchi
2007 - Mr. Paul Formosa
2008 - Fr. Gammarija Cauchi
2009 – Fr. Spiridone Galea
2010 – Mr. Patrick Formosa
2011 – Fr. Alex Cauchi
As from 2002 the Council started awarding 'Premju Qlub Generuzi' to a person who committed an act of humanity or generosity towards people in need. This award has been given as follows:
2002 – Ms. Maria Piscopo
2003 – Mr. Gorg Mifsud
2004 – Mr. Eugenio Mercieca
2005 - Familja Micallef
2006 – Ms. Vitorja Portelli
2007 – Ms. Maria Apap
2008 - Ms. Salvina Portelli
2008 - Ms. Salvina Portelli
2009 – Micallef Family
2010 – Mr. Michael Mizzi
2011 – ‘Il-Legjun ta’ Maria’ male section
2011 – ‘Il-Legjun ta’ Maria’ male section
Since 2008, l-Gharb Local Council started awarding ‘Premju Volontarjat Lokali’ to a person who conducted astounding volunteer work in service of the locality. In these years the award has been given to the following individuals:
2008 – Ms. Luigia Mercieca
2009 – Mr. Raymond Cauchi
2010 – Mr. Ignatius Farrugia
2011 – Mr. Joseph Cauchi
On an initiative of Mayor David Apap the Gharb Local Council introduced the Gharb Gozitan Cultural Award in 2004. This award is presented to a person / group who has made success by its talent The subject which is different every year is chosen by a sub-committee which committee also decides the winner. In these years the award has been given to the following individuals:
2004 - Chorus Urbanus for the success achieved as a choir both locally and abroad.
2005 - Ms. Salvina Muscat for her artistic talent.
2006 - Ghaqda Muzikali Vizitazzjoni for the success achieved in just the few years it has been set up.
2007 - Mr. Mario Camilleri for his guilding works & Mr. Godwin Cutajar for his restoration works
2008 – Morena for her amazing talent and skill in singing and Katrin M. Pavia for her amazing success in modeling.
2009 – Soprano Mrs. Miriam Cauchi for her success.
2010 – Ms.Doris Bugeja, Leader of the group ‘Ghaqda Dilettanti tal-Karnival’.
2011 – Ms. Sharon Calleja, for her success in the TV drama sector.
Halloween Night.
The Local Council organises a Halloween socio-educational event for all the children of the locality.
Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. This is why the l-Gharb Local Council holds various Christmas activities. Some of these activities include:
Christmas competitions for the best crib and for the best decorated window.
A Christmas Concert held by the ‘Ghaqda Muzikali Vizitazzjoni’ with the collaboration of the l-Gharb Local Council.
The Council also takes care of the decorations of the main square which include:
A Christmas tree in ‘Pjazza Zjara tal-Madonna’ and surrounding the area with decorative lights.
One is also to note that for these past years the Christmas tree has been decorated by the primary school children during an activity held for them in the main square. The decorations used are made up by the children themselves and exchanged with other children coming from other EU countries.
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