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About 'l-Għarb'
The word "l-Għarb" is derived from an Arabic word which means sunset. This symbolises the position of l-Għarb which is at the west of the island of Gozo. In Arabic the word "l-Għarb" is written as "herb".
The motto of the village is "In extremo vigilat" which means "Sentinel at the borderline".
L-Għarb means West and this typical old Gozitan village unsurprisingly lies in the West of the Island. It started life as a small hamlet centuries ago. You can see its ancient roots in the centre of the village where some houses have fine examples of decorated stone balconies.
The population of l-Għarb is of about 1266 people with a total of 400 families. The area of l-Għarb is about 14.3sq kms. L-Għarb is surrounded by two villages, that of St Lawrence and Għasri, and the sea.
L-Għarb was made a parish in 1679. This triggered the need of building a new, baroque parish church. It was built between 1699 and 1729. The church has an elegant facade which has been compared with Borromini's S. Agnese in Piazza Navona, Rome. This version is naturally a simpler interpretation of the style.
The village square, so quintessentially Gozitan, has become the view on many postcards. In the square, there is a fascinating folklore museum housing all sorts of memorabilia retelling the Islands' rural history.
L-Għarb lies in some of Gozo's most delightful countryside, particularly at Dbiegi, the highest hill on the Island. Also at Dbiegi, there is a centre for Gozitan crafts.
Within the limits of l-Għarb one can find the quaint Chapel of San Dimitri. According to legend, the first chapel was built on the cliff-side by a woman whose son was freed from captivity by St. Demetrius.
Also nearby there is the Basilica of ta' Pinu, Malta's pre-eminent shrine to the Virgin Mary. It was on this spot in 1883 that a local woman heard the voice of the Virgin.
The Local Council
David Apap
Mr. David Apap Agius
Mayor: David Apap Agius
Deputy Mayor: Raymond Cassar
Councillors: Lisa Marie Brooke
Carmen Vella
Emanuel Muscat
Executive Secretary: Joanne Attard
Office: Triq il-Vizitazzjoni, Gharb, GRB 1044
Telephone No.: (+356) 21 560 566
Fax No.: (+356) 21 562 727
Email: [email protected]
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