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Seher il-Punent Festival
A unique festival of culture, music, art and history to be held in Gharb between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th March 2007.
The Gharb Local Council is organizing a unique festival of art, culture, history and music spread over three days between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th March 2007. The festival will expose the main characteristics of this Gozitan picturesque village, unique in its style and very popular amongst Maltese and tourists. During these three days the village will transform itself in an array of continuous activity.
All the places of cultural and historical interest will be open to the public till late hours. Walking guided tours will be organised to the places of cultural and historical interest together with re-enactments of historical events, street theater, actors, band marches, art and crafts exhibitions, a traditional dinner organised by Ghaqda Folkloristika tal-Qiegha and many other events which will surely be of great attraction to all those who love our country's traditions and historical cultures.
Live concert by all the artists of the TV program "Kollox Sibt" including the band of Mark Spiteri Lucas, Singers Charlene and Natasha Grima, Ivan Spiteri Lucas, Ludvig Galea, J. Anvil, Fabrizio Faniello as well as the popular comedian August Cardinale, Keith and Adonel Dancers and the presentors Ryan, Karl and Romina Bonaci.
The Gharb Local Council is organizing this festival with the collaboration of local organizations and the owners of farmhouses who are offering special packages for accommodation during this festival. For more information in this regard one can phone on 21560556 or 7949 2667.
The area surrounding the village main square will be transformed into a landscape of cultural activities and continuous entertainment. There will be an area for children with games and animators, various small stages where local rock bands and other artists will perform. For the food lovers there will be a restaurant and snacks offered by the outside catering service of the popular Country Terrace Restaurant. Each eve will be closed-of with a spectacle of fireworks but surely the main attractions will be drawn to the principal stage where three phenomenal shows will be given:
A candle lit eve with the participation of Versatile Brass Ensemble, a brass band formed by 12 professional musicians from the national orchestra, as well as a cabaret show by a group of Bulgarian dancers.
A live spectacle by the Big Band Brothers another popular brass band which takes part in the well known TV program Xarabank. The spectacle will be enlightened by the popular comedians of Zoo Media with the participation also of the William Dance Company. Live performance by Olivia Lewis winner of the Malta Song for Europe 2007 and some of the finalists.
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