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Gharb Local Council in Segovia, SPAIN on the EQUALABEL project
A delegation from the Gharb Local Council headed by the Mayor, David Apap flew to Segovia, Spain between the 16th and 21th of October, 2007.

Equalabel is a European project which essentially, is a cooperation action among several organizations from different European Countries supported by the EU Institution/s according to the EU policies. Segovia is the lead partner to the project with the Gharb Local Council being one of the partners.

The delegation was welcomed by the Mayor of Segovia in the City Hall, after which a steering committee meeting took place.
br> The meeting was followed by workshops chaired by experts in the field.

The evening’s entertainment was given by Pop-rock concert aiming at raising awareness on gender issues. Bands from Malta, Italy, and Spain took part in the concert. Gharb was represented by the young and up coming group Mistaken Identity.

Non-formal education dynamics were developed during this event.

Sport activities (plus non-formal education dynamics) among 40 young people took place, where they played different indoor and outdoor games with the following aims:
  • To find participants’ perception and attitudes about gender equality through games and plays in sport events
  • To raise awareness about gender equality issues through action

    Other cultural activities and events which took place were the opening of an exhibition and cultural tours.


    The end objective of EQUALABEL is to encourage a change in culture and attitude within the European Society in order to achieve material and formal gender equality.

    Objectives of the EQUALABEL Project

    EQUALABEL project objectives are:
    1. Analysis of the interaction between the local public services and gender equality. 2. Re-define the role of the local public services to promote gender equality. 3. Contribute to the necessary change of mentalities which allows the construction of a new culture of equality not determinated by gender stereotypes by means of the revision of the local socialisation process. 4. Establish the stable transnational network, manage and evaluate its actions.

    Involvement of the GHARB Local Council

    The Gharb Local Council is a partner for the implementation of the European Pilot Experience of Equalabel.

    Through participation in this project the Gharb Local Council became more aware of the need for a more equal community, and the Council’s motivations for requiring the Equalabel derive from the Council’s Mission Statement:- ‘To enhance the quality of living of the residents in their environment in which they live’. The Council aims to learn from other larger scale Local Councils abroad and to adapt good practices at local level.

    Equalabel is the first formal experience of Gharb Local Council in Gender Equality. Since we are now in the European Union the Gharb Local Council has felt the need to adapt European policies and standards at local level and this reflects the decision taken to participate in Equalabel. Through this project the Council is trying to learn and understand what type of assessment programme could be implemented at local level.

    The European Partners involved in this project are:
    Segovia City Council Spain
    West Sweden Sweden
    Women Connect UK
    Municipality of Verona Italy
    Gharb City Council Malta
    Vocational training center (Rhodes) Greece
    KEA Greece
    OPEKO Finland
    City Council of Sintra Portugal
    University of Valladolid Spain

    To facilitate implementation, each partner has been assigned its own particular tasks. To date the Council has prepared its part in the initial steps of the project. The Segovia mission was another stage in the implementation of the Equalabel Project.
  • Gharb Day 2007
    The Gharb Local Council wishes to thank the Ministry for Gozo for the financial support and all the sponsors who contributed for this event. The Gharb Local Council invites all Maltese and Gozitans to attend to this unique festival which will be held at Gharb.
    14 Feb 2007
    Gharb Day 2007

    On the 29th of August, The Gharb Local Council celebrated Gharb Day with a programme of activity at the Gharb Square against a backdrop of the Baroque Parish Basilica and many characteristics which make this square a typical, traditional Gozitan Village ideal for this day’s celebrations of an official, cultural, and entertainment nature.

    The evening started at 1930 with a thanksgiving mass at the Gharb Parish Basilica where Mr. Speaker, The Hon. A. Tabone was present.

    Following mass, wreaths were placed in front of the monument dedicated to Bishop M. Molina, whilst Chev.Joe M. Attard/Ms. Monica Farrugia read the Poem about Gharb Day.

    A number of distinguished personalities participated in the official celebrations during the evening. The Hon. Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono delivered her speech and officiated two presentations. The Hon. Minister presented certificates to university students and ‘The Gharb Gozitan Cultural Award’. This year the Council awarded a prize to Godwin Cutajar for his contributions to conservation and restoration. Mr Cutajar worked on paintings, Fontana, The Gozo Ministry, the Gozo Curia and Seminary. An award for the contribution in the art of Gilding was presented to Mario Camilleri Cauchi. His works included that on statues, chandeliers and pedestals.

    The Hon. Justyne Caruana delivered a speech and presented the certificates to students who attended courses organised by the council and the ‘Premju Qlub Generuzi’. This year’s prize was awarded to Marija Apap. Maria is married to Joseph Apap and they have six children. She is very active in the teaching of doctrine to children, including at her home, in the organisation of coffee mornings, and is a member of the Legion of Mary. The Council awarded Maria her prize in recognition of her diverse voluntary contributions to the Gharb parish.

    The major David Apap presented the ‘Premju Gharb’ to Paul Formosa (Pawlinu). Paul, now 81, has five children, and served as the church sacristan for a number of years. He was a keen member of the Festivities Committee and was instrumental in the implementation of various outdoor and Basilica interior decoration projects. The Council wishes to acknowledge Paul’s contribution to the Gharb Community with the premju Gharb 2007

    On behalf of emigrants, Mr. Joe Caruana thanked the Major Mr. David Apap of his 10 years of dedicated service to the Council and presented the Gharb Local Council with an Australian flag.

    The Church Parvis was the ideal setting to host the talent and entertainment part of the programme which was introduced by Chev.J.M. Attard and included both upcoming and established talent. Songs were interpreted by Kristen Marie Camilleri (Ghaziza oht), Martha Galea (Melody of Magic), Connie Borg (Angel), Kelly Cassar (Insibuk fil-kwiet), Alessi (One Life and Tornero), Terry Anne Saliba (Drama queen and Everytime we Touch), Franz ((Hemm Id, Mr. nobody, and Jassou Maria), Kylie Coleiro, Deborah Cassar (Dance with the wolves and You Raise me Up). Deborah Cassar’s performance included the participation of Art Alive Dance Group. Two couples, Carlos and Marie Claire and Clive and Jeanise gave interpretations both as a group and individually with Ilhna Kanzunetta, I’m your Angel, Quanti Amori, Work your Magic, Torn L-Aqwa Zmien and Empires are Alive

    The Art Alive Dance Group also gave their contribution to the evening’s entertainment with Dancing Let me try, The Nightingale Folk, Irish Folk Dance II. A touch of Glamour was included with the appearance of Miss Xewkija and Miss Victoria.

    The evening was concluded with a short concert by Klinsmann Coleiro and the cutting of a cake to mark the occasion.
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