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Aalborg Charter

On Sunday 23rd November, the Gozitan Local Councils gathered together to sign the Aalborg Charter.

Present for this ceremony which was held at the Arts Citadel Centre were Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo and Hon. Dr. Chris Said Parliamentary Secretary for Public Dialogue and Consultation. The Gozitan Local Councils signed this agreement where they agree to continue working towards a sustaibable development towards all gozitan localities. Gozo is agreeing in particular to protect and promote its environment which is the main characteristic of this Gozitan Island.

In these past years this agreement has been signed in various localities around the globe. Amongst others we can find Egypt, France, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Spain and UK. More than 2000 localities and regions in 34 different countries have signed this agreement. And now the Gozitan Region is also part of it.

This agreement has been named after the Danish City where the idea of this agreement has been established after the it was discussed during and EU conference. The agreement was established in 1994.
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