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Gharb Infiorata 2007
Note that this year's edition of the infiorata will be held on 29th July, 2007
2003 Infiorata The design represents the village of Gerano (Italy), 150th anniversary of the consecration of the Gharb Basilica, Gharb Logo and the yearly theme, i.e. the Youth Year and the logo of the MTA being its sponsor.
The Infiorata (which means: the throwing of flowers in the path of a distinguished personality) consists of a carpet made of fresh flowers and leaves cut in small pieces and arranged together to form various thematic designs. The Infiorata is an old tradition, the oldest one originating in Gerano, the twinned locality of Gharb, which is found in the outskirts of Rome, Italy. This tradition in Gerano dates back to around the 17th Century. The most particular aspect of the Infiorata held in Gerano is that the period in which it takes place, which is April, lacks from a variety of flowers. The Infiorata in Gerano, being the oldest one, is recorded with many photos which can be found in the archives where one can find pictures dating back to the war period. Another particularity of this Infiorata is that it takes place in the village feast dedicated to the Madonna del Cuore and not like other localities, which takes place in the feast of the Corpus Domini.
2004 Infiorata The design represents the 230th anniversary of Gharb as Parish, the symbol of Our Lady and the 25th Anniversary of the incoronation of the titular painting of the Visitation.
In 2003 a year after signing the twinning agreement, on an initiative of Mayor David Apap and with the financial help of the Malta Tourism Authority, the first Infiorata was held during the Gharb village feast. The first Infiorata at Gharb also happened to be the first one in the Maltese Islands. In fact it was later listed in the Malta Book of Records and Firsts, printed in 2006 by Frans A. Attard. After the success achieved the first time that this event was organised, attracting both locals and tourists, the Council decided to add this event in its annual cultural calendar.
2005 Infiorata The design represents the consecration of Ta Pinu Sanctuary, the Eucharist Year and Pope John Paul II.
Works on the Infiorata start about three months before. During the preparation the Council comes out with a design which is usually created using the yearly themes and anniversaries. Once the themes are decided these are passed to the young local artist Ruben Camilleri Cauchi so that he can prepare the design. The Council also take care of the publicity by sending press releases to local media including TV, Radios, newspapers, websites etc and also publication of posters. On the feast day from early in the afternoon the artist himself together with volunteers prepare the said Infiorata on the church parvis, just in time for the evening procession with the statue of Our Lady of Visitation to pass over this special carpet. When the procession is finished both young children and adults enjoy themselves playing with the flowers. For these years, the Gharb Infiorata has been an attraction and is always increasing in popularity.
2006 Infiorata The design represents Wied il- Mielah Valley, Ta Pinu Church and the new Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech.
25th Anniversary from the Ordination of Fr Michael Galea and Mgr C Gauchi
This year with a difference from the previous years, a special edition of the Infiorata was held in March during the Seher il-Punent festival. This Infiorata was prepared to commemorate the visit of the titular painting of the Madonna del Cuore of Gerano which was brought to Gharb for the occasion. The Infiorata was prepared during the night between Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th. On Sunday morning, after the mass of Thanks Giving a procession with the Madonna del Cuore passed over this special carpet. The 6th Edition of the Infiorata will be held on Sunday 29th July during the village feast.
March 2007 Infiorata The design represents the Seher il-Punent festival, and the twinning between Gharb and Gerano
9 th June, 2007
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