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Gharb Gozo Children's event 17th December 2010
Europe Direct Mosta together with Gharb Local Council on the island of Gozo and Gharb Primary School organised a Christmas event in the local square, the event started by the arrival of Father Christmas who sang songs and carols with the children, followed by street dancing. Mark Causon EDO manager distributed the gifts received from the other EU schools who participated in the event.
This was followed by a short speech by the Mayor Mr David Apap, followed by the Head Mistress and Mark Causon who explained to the children the importance of European solidarity and being 1 family collaborating together as future citizens of the EU.
Press Release – Advisory Referendum
On 8 December, 2010 the Gharb Local Council is carrying and will be asking its residents to give their opinion regarding new fire factories in Gharb through a Referendum. The council is aware that in the locality of Gharb is being creating a base of fire factories and this is unacceptable given the health and safety for our residents. It is unacceptable that the debate on this issue opened only whenever some tragedy occurred, as unfortunately we had recently experienced... and then just forgetting everything and things remain as they were! The council feels that has the duty and obligation to consult on this subject with the residents. The council understands that the fireworks are an important part for our culture, customs and feasts but we understand that society has to pay for these fireworks overpriced by people's lives and exaggerated damage in people's homes so residents have the right and duty to voice their opinion. This statement should be seen as a contribution to the overall residents were at this stage one will be aware and given the chance to voice their opinion. The council stresses and states that there is need of more frequent check on the existing fireworks factories and controls should be greater emphasis all year course and when the greater production in course. The council added serious controls have to examine and certify the type of material being used, methods and where and the condition in they works, the systems used and how is being present and working in the fireworks factories. The result of the referendum will be submitted to the authorities concerned. The result will be calculated on the criteria given by the regulations governing the consultative referendum. The polling place will be the Gharb Local Council and will be open to the public between 9am and 7pm. At 7.45 will start the sorting and the count of the votes in the same room and will be announced the outcome. May vote all those whose names appears in the Gharb Electoral Register published last October 2010. Those interested can phone to see if their name appears in the Register at the Local Council on 21560556 all day. To vote one must present the card ID, even if it is currently expired.
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